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25 Jahre Jubiläum

Smoke protection flaps: -Line installation
-Parking garages

Smoke protection flaps as shut-off devices against smoke in ventilation ducts to prevent smoke transmission in ventilation systems.
Smoke protection flaps protect against smoke being drawn in and spreading within the building.  

The installation position is independent of the airflow direction. Automatic closing via spring return drives in connection with smoke release devices which are approved by the building authorities.


Further application: With adjustment lever for the fire brigade.

Smoke protection flaps do not have a fire resistance period and are not suitable for taking over the function of fire protection flaps.


  • Frame and slats made of profiled, galvanized sheet steel

  • Flange 40mm

  • Bearing axles and external linkage made of galvanized steel

  • Stop angle top and bottom made of galvanized sheet steel

  • Sealing plates left and right made of stainless steel

  • Brass bushings

  • Slats coupled in opposite directions, slat width 165 mm

  • Arrangement of the spring return actuator depending on the damper height

  • Lamellar longitudinal seals made of aluminium



Width A = 300 - 2000 mm (available in all intermediate sizes, increments of 1 mm)
Height B = 345 - 1995 mm, increments every 165 mm


Smoke protection flaps for line installation

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